‘Jades Aren’t Just For Ah Mas’: Daughter Returns To Help Family’s Jewellery Business Survive Covid-19

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House Of Phua Second-Gen Owner Hopes To Redefine Jewellery To Target A Younger Audience

Life often doesn’t work as linearly as one might think. Often, it consists of numerous twists and turns.

While Eve Phua, who’s 45 this year, grew up helping out at her parents’ jewellery shop in Chinatown, she had no interest in taking over the family business.

Instead, she wanted to pursue a career in education and work outside to gain experience.

But after being a stay-at-home mum for six years, Eve’s parents approached her in 2018 to help build a website for the jewellery business, House of Phua.

This eventually led to Eve joining the family business during the Covid-19 pandemic and even starting her own spin-off, HOPE Jewellery.

Between attending workshops and incorporating her interests, such as birthstones, into the business, Eve has helped bring House of Phua into the modern age.

Her marketing expertise helped keep House of Phua afloat during Covid-19

Family businesses can shut down if children do not wish to take over.

With over 53 years of experience in the jewellery business, Eve’s mother has a steady stream of regular customers, some of whom have been visiting for over 30 years.

In 1990, she decided with Eve’s father to start their own shop in Chinatown and moved just once — in 2010 when they vacated Chinatown Point to set up shop at People’s Park Complex.

However, adapting to the modern age is a must, and that’s where Eve comes in.

Her various experiences working as a Programme Manager and in media gave her the marketing know-how to help promote House of Phua on social media.

This was especially needed during the Covid-19 pandemic, when the physical shop had to close, leaving them no choice but to start selling their wares online.

But Eve believes that education is just as important as profits. Hence, she s...

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