Iras warns of phishing scam website asking payment for purported tax return discrepancy

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SINGAPORE - The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras) on Thursday (May 12) warned of a scam e-mail requesting recipients to click on a fraudulent link to make payment due to discrepancies in their tax returns.

These scam e-mails are sent from [email protected] and they tell recipients that their submitted tax returns do not match information provided from third parties, such as their employers.

The e-mail then requests that recipients make up for this discrepancy by clicking on a fraudulent link to pay for the amount owed.

In one example provided by Iras, the scam e-mail requested $1,818 and asked victims to pay immediately to avoid accruing interest on the amount owed.

"Do not provide any personal, credit card or bank account details, make payments to a third party's bank account or follow any instructions by the sender," Iras said.

It also advised victims of the scam to lodge police reports.

The authority also said it does not solicit taxpayers' personal details or any confidential information via e-mail or loose web links.

"For tax transactions, including filing and payments, taxpayers should use relevant forms and digital services in myTax Portal secured by Singpass login," it added.

Iras also advised taxpayers to be vigilant and not be deceived by fake SMSes, e-mails and WhatsApp messages with spoofed Iras' name.

It said: "Members of the public are advised to ignore such e-mails and not to click on the fraudulent links."

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