Iran, Singapore need to expand health cooperation

8 months ago 96

Mohammad Hossein Niknam made the remarks in the Webinar meeting with Lyn James, director general of the international cooperation department at Singapore's health ministry during which the Iranian health official also said that "the two countries have significant capacities for cooperation in the field of health and that this cooperation can be defined not only bilaterally but also for the countries of the Middle East and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)."

"Iran's health system is among the leading systems in the region and the world and enjoys having great capacities and potentials in medical education, provision of specialized treatment services, production of medicine and medical equipment, health research, vaccination against infectious and non-infectious diseases", Niknam asserted.

He called for more familiarity with Singapore's health system's capabilities including the knowledge-based companies, new technologies in the field of health and vaccine production.

"After the two countries become familiar with each other's capabilities in the field of health, cooperation can be arranged and exchanged within the framework of the cooperation memorandum of understanding signed between the two countries," the Iranian official asserted. He also called for exchanging delegations between the two nations in order to exchange information and experiences between the two countries and establish durable communication.

Lyn James, for her part, presented a report on the structure of the health system and the capabilities of Singapore's helth ministry, such as the pharmaceutical industry, the issue of the aging population, the health services costs and how to admit patients in the hospitals.


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