Insta360's New 360 Edition Has Insanely High Video Quality

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Insta360’s One RS modular action camera is one of our favorites. The ability to swap lenses—from a typical action-camera wide-angle lens, to a 360 lens, to a Leica-designed lens with a 1-inch sensor—makes it more versatile than a GoPro. Insta360 is now building on that modular foundation with the new One RS 1-inch 360 Edition.

The 1-inch 360 Edition sports dual lenses and dual 1-inch sensors coengineered with Leica, and builds on the system that One RS owners already have. The core module is the same as the action camera, but the new 360 version adds a bigger battery, a case to hold the battery and core module, and a lens unit with dual sensors and lenses that sit on top, like ice cream on a cone.

The result is a camera that produces the best-looking 360-degree video footage I’ve ever seen. Insta360 also has a video editor that makes editing the footage easy. If you’re all in on 360 video, this is the camera to get.

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I should say that I have never been a huge fan of 360 video. This is mostly because, well, the human eye doesn’t have a 360-degree view of the world. Sure, there are VR goggles that so far almost no one owns or uses, but even then you can’t see it all at once. The only use case that makes sense to me is to capture an entire scene in 360 because you don’t know ahead of time where you want to point the camera. Later, you can edit the video into a normal view. This use case means you have to have a good video editor. Insta360 is the only 360 camera system I’ve used that makes editing your 360 footage easy enough to make shooting it worthwhile.

But if you are into 360-degree footage for its own sake, this camera is remarkable. The footage I shot is sharper and captures more detail than any other 360 camera I’ve used, including several of Insta360’s own past efforts. If 360-degree video is your thing, this is your camera.

Between the two sensors, you get 6K video (a step up from the 5.7K that the previous version’s 360 Mod is able to shoot) and 21-MP still images. In combination with the improved sensors, these lenses are much more capable than the much smaller lenses on the 360 Mod sold with the action camera. The quality of video is noticeably better than what I was able to capture with the One RS. It’s sharper and has less noise. This was especially obvious when shooting in low l...

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