Influencers Titus Low & MsPuiYi Apologise For Steamy Video, Take Down Collab Content

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Influencers Titus Low & MsPuiYi Apologise For Steamy Video Uploaded On 4 Oct

Titus Low and Siew Pui Yi – AKA @ms_puiyi – are arguably two of the most recognisable faces from both ends of the Causeway, as far as ‘thirst trap’ content is concerned. But when the pair recently came together for a collaboration, things seemingly blew up, and not in a good way.

In a steamy video posted on Thursday (4 Oct), the pair were seen being intimate as Titus suggestively caressed Pui Yi’s jaw.

Soon after, Cheryl Chin – Titus’ wife – commented on the video, suggesting that their actions may have crossed some “boundaries”.

Titus and Pui Yi have since apologised for the video and shared that they won’t be posting collaboration videos until they have resolved all “issues”.

Cheryl has also posted another video clarifying that the trio have cleared the air and conceded that she could’ve perhaps avoided airing dirty laundry on the public domain.

MsPuiYi shares video of Titus Low caressing her jaw suggestively

On Thursday (4 Oct), Pui Yi uploaded an eight-second video on her TikTok account which featured herself leaning on Titus’ chest.

As the video starts, Pui Yi rubs her lips suggestively while shooting a seductive glance at the camera.

Moments later, she leans her head against Titus’ shoulder while the latter started stroking the Malaysian influencer’s jaw.

Soon after, Titus’ pregnant wife Cheryl Chin posts a comment on the video, suggesting that the short clip might have crossed some “boundaries”.

According to AsiaOne, Cheryl also reportedly uploaded a video reply to the pair’s video. She appeared to be in a “distraught” state with tears flowing down her cheeks. The caption to her video reportedly read:

Nobody in the world deserves to go through this even if it was all for content.

The video has sinc...

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