On May 31, 2003, Singapore was declared SARS-free by the World Health Organization. CNA explores how the virus impacted those on the frontline and eventually shaped Singapore's COVID-19 response. 

From left to right: Ms Lim Voon Ping, Dr Brenda Ang and the late Dr Alexandre Chao were among the healthcare workers who fought bravely on the frontlines of the 2003 SARS outbreak in Singapore. (Photos: National Centre for Infectious Diseases, Brenda Ang, Koh Woon Puay)

SINGAPORE: Perched on the couch and sandwiched between her two daughters, Koh Woon Puay pulls out her old family albums and starts flipping the pages.

Every now and then, the 55-year-old pauses to squint at a particular picture, before asking her daughters excitedly: "Do you remember when I brought you here? This is where Papa and I went when we were you...