Imran Khan — victory speech from jail shows AI genius

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Although the technology has previously been employed during Pakistan’s notoriously oppressive election season, this instance garnered international notice. Imran Khan, Pakistan’s former prime minister, has been in jail for the entire electoral campaign and was disqualified from running. With the U.S. presidential campaign trail on its way for the 2024 elections, this deepfake in Pakistan was done by the person himself while campaigning from jail — even though he is prohibited from doing so. It has garnered much attention.

On Saturday, Mr. Khan’s A.I. voice declared victory as official tallies revealed candidates affiliated with his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, or P.T.I., gaining the most seats in an unexpected outcome that sent the nation’s political structure into disarray.

This video looks like the one Khan released from jail on December 19, 2023 — with a few updates to the speech and declaring victory in the election. After the first part of the video spoken in Urdu — you can hear it spoken in English with English subtitles. You may find it interesting to listen to.

Says Khan, “I had full confidence that you would all come out to vote. You fulfilled my faith in you, and your massive turnout has stunned everybody.” The speech rejects the victory acceptance of  Nawaz Sharif — whom Khan calls a “rival,” and he urges everyone to defend his win.

The entire video is filled with historical images and footage of Mr. Khan, and remarkably includes a disclaimer regarding its artificial intellige...

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