Iconic SQ girl uniform sold as 'Vintage African Ankara Dress' on UK-based shopping site

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The Singapore Airlines cabin crew sarong kebaya uniform is a classic look many are familiar with.

Here it is:

"Vintage African Ankara Dress"

But maybe not everyone is aware of it.

Depop, an online e-commerce site based in London, is selling the iconic stewardess uniform for £49 (S$83), calling it "Vintage African Ankara Dress".

The site also featured a Caucasian model donned in the sarong kebaya whilst posing in an unusual manner.

She paired the uniform with black loafers sandals and large hoop earrings.

The listing was made viral online on Jun. 22 by Twitter user Leyla Rose.

Depop is wild... how are you selling a Singapore Airlines uniform and calling it 'vintage African'??

That aside, I too like to know what my outfit would look like lying backwards over a chair pic.twitter.com/knrtmypJya

— Leyla Rose (@leyylaaah) June 22, 2022

As of the time of this article, her tweet has gotten over 1,700 retweets and more than 4,500 likes.


Other Twitter users, many of whom are Singaporeans themselves, have responded to the tweet with strong criticism.

Some also tagged SIA's Twitter page, in hopes of getting our flagship national carrier's attention.

Top images via Depop website.

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