‘I scrimp due to rental increase’ — Singaporeans weigh in on scrimping vs saving when eating out

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SINGAPORE: Netizens are weighing in on scrimping vs saving after an online citizen posted a question on an online forum regarding eating out in Singapore.

“Do you scrimp and save on food or do you splurge?” A netizen took to an online forum for questions about anything and everything related to Singapore early this week (March 14). Referring to a recent survey on food prices, the netizen said, “(It) made me wonder if Singaporeans scrimp or splurge on food. Do you always go for the cheapest options that can fill your stomach? Doesn’t eating the same cheap food options get boring after a while? Or do you splurge and spend on whatever you feel like eating from the menu? Don’t you find it a waste spending extra money when there are cheaper alternatives?”

The netizen stated that he or she wanted to hear from both sides.

In response to this, many shared their opinion on food in Singapore. While some said they try to be mindful of their spending habits–especially with how prices are, others said that when it comes to food, they don’t mind spending. Others said they try to find some sort of balance, such as saving on weekdays and then allowing themselves to spend on weekends.

“Personally, I’m a live-to-eat kind of guy,” said one. “So for food (and food experiences) I’m more than happy to spend.”

Another wrote, “Honestly, the only thing in life left to enjoy at this rate, so just spend a little more sometimes and save a little other times,” wrote another. “Kinda evens out.”

A third person wrote, “Scrimp due to rental increase,” I hunt those cold storage reduce to clear items and after 9pm 50% discount on BBQ items.”

“Semi splurge,” explained another. “Cause I feel life is miserable enough already to still want to scrimp and save every day on food.”

Do you scrimp and save on food or do you splurge? from askSingapore

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