'I'm very fortunate': British passenger on SQ321 counts himself lucky to have suffered only minor injuries

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BANGKOK: When Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 hit an extreme patch of turbulence, British passenger Josh Silverstone, 24, suddenly found himself on the floor.

"I didn't realise what happened. I must have hit my head somewhere - lots of people hit their heads - everyone was bleeding," he told reporters outside Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital in Bangkok on Wednesday (May 22).

On the plane after the incident, Mr Silverstone bought inflight Wi-Fi and sent a message to his mother.

"I tried not to scare her but I said I love you. People were scared," he said, adding that some passengers moved seats to be with their family members.

He suffered relatively minor injuries - a cut near his left eye, a chipped tooth and some pain in his neck - and said he felt fine until he arrived at the airport in Bangkok.

"Then I started feeling really sick ... couldn't stop vomiting," said Mr Silverstone.

"But there were lots of people in worse positions than me; people were laying out on the floor and they couldn't move."

He said he heard that many of the passengers sustained spinal injuries from hitting their heads and coming back down.

"A lot of people can barely move their (backs). I'm very fortunate to walk and come out here, only really 24 hours later," said Mr Silverstone, who will soon be starting work as a broker.

Mr Geoff Kitchen, 73-year-old British man who is said to have served his local community for decades, died on the flight. Suvarnabhumi Airport general manager Kittipong Kittikachorn said a heart attack was the likely cause of death.

Dozens of people were taken to the hospital after SQ321 made an emergency landing at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport at 3.45pm local time on Tuesday. 

Mr Silverstone praised the crew for doing doing an amazing job and being very helpful. He added that he was happy to be alive in Bangkok, and still plans to travel to Bali to meet his friends despite his fear of flying.

"I was scared of flying before; I'm even mor...

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