I Got Enough Miles To Travel To Seoul By Doing Things I Love

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Ways to earn air miles

It was 2019; I was 24 years old and living my best life. If you needed me, you’d find me sipping on drinks at the bar, devouring a buffet at a restaurant and packing for an impromptu holiday with friends. Life was good.

Then a pandemic hit us out of nowhere and before I knew it, I was locked up in a 4-walled box. The only things I had going on were endless daily walks, food delivery and Netflix binge sessions in bed. Most restaurants were shut, gyms were closed and “vacation” was a foreign term.

Fast forward to 2022 and travel is now back on the table. My bucket-list destination? The land of K-pop, Seoul for that much-deserved break. But I’ve yet to cop an affordable air ticket. So I’ve been pulling out all the stops to earn 50,000 air miles for a free roundtrip flight to Seoul and back. Here’s how I’ve fared:

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1. Signing up for yoga classes

I used to think yoga was crazy difficult and yogis were superhumans who could touch their heads with the tip of their toes – until I forced myself to go for a class, citing the need to stretch my back after sitting at my desk for too long. And I was hooked. 

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