I attended a home-style cooking class to learn how to make authentic Japanese food from a Japanese chef

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Friends who know me well will know that I hold only fond memories of my travels to Japan.

From the country’s food and fashion to its people, culture and incredible scenery, there’s hardly a thing I can think of that I don’t like about Japan.

But while there are many magical things about Japan (at least to a tourist like me), there is one thing that stands out the most in my books - the super oishii (yummy) food.

So, when MoguShop approached me one afternoon about the chance to learn how to cook Japanese food at a private home-dining class, I most definitely agreed.

About the Chef, Naoko Kashiwagi

Naoko Kashiwagi is a Japanese home-based chef with over 10 years of experience in Japanese home-style cooking classes and private catering.

Kashiwagi at her home in Tiong Bahru

Formerly based in Tokyo and the United Kingdom, Kashiwagi left the comfort of her home city to come to Singapore in 2020 when her husband received an opportunity to work here.

Just two years ago, Kashiwagi began conducting private cooking classes at her home in Tiong Bahru.

She saw this as an opportunity to meld her passion for food and art as her philosophy is simple: home-cooking should be simple but colourful, even if we make a single dish for a day.

Kashiwagi received her first few students after sharing photos of her cooking creations on her Facebook page Naoko’s Kitchen LLP and on her Instagram account @naokoskitchensg.

From thereon, word spread, and the rest is history.

The Class: Recipe and Origins of the Ingredients

Prior to my home-dining class with Kashiwagi, I had seen some photos of her food creations on her Instagram page.

From homely, izakaya-type dishes to more complex, kaiseki-style dishes, Kashiwagi’s cooking repertoire seemed to encompass the type of food easily found in a regular Japanese eatery (in Singapore) to Japanese food I had never e...

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