I, as a Gen Z, went to the S'pore Turf Club in Kranji for the vibe. The experience really 'no horse run'.

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It was a hot Saturday afternoon when I reached Kranji.

Singapore Turf Club is right next to the MRT station.

I followed the signs, but for a moment, I wondered if I was at the right place.

The grounds

STC’s entrance looked unassuming.

The automatic ticketing machine did not work, and the few attendants milling around the gantries were the only people there.

At first glance, it's hard to imagine that this place is a world-class racing facility, with hundreds of thousands of dollars of prize money on the line every week.

I arrived with no expectations.

I just wondered how low the attendance could be these days.

I’ve yet to see another visitor.

Much less a horse.

The path from the entrance eventually leads to some kind of amphitheatre, with a few people there, looking at the giant screen in the middle.

But then something else caught my eye.

A racehorse.

It was walking along the rim of the amphitheatre, its coat so glossy and brown.

This place, as I will learn later, is where horses assemble before their races.

Some of them wear Mexican wrestler-like masks over their heads and ears to make them more identifiable.

via Singapore Turf Club

But so far, the atmosphere leaned closer to a stable than a racecourse.

The place was lacking the kind of passion and vibrancy I’m used to experiencing at other sporting events. There are no fervent fans, only silent spectators.

Horse-racing spectators unite

That changed when I entered level one of the Grandstand though.

The first thing that hit me was a much-needed blast of air-conditioning.

The second was a string of Hokkien phrases that were shouted.

It was as if I had walked into another world. Everywhere I looked, there were old, Chinese men.

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