Huge Python Spotted Chilling Along Footpath At Ulu Pandan, Rescued By ACRES

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ACRES Removes Python That Was Lounging On Footpath At Ulu Pandan

Singapore may be a highly developed and modern city, but wildlife sightings are still relatively common here.

Just a few months ago, officers from the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) had to remove a massive python from the window of a Bedok Reservoir HDB flat.

Huge Python Found Outside Bedok HDB Unit, ACRES Cordons Off Area & Rescues Reptile

Recently, another snake rescue operation took place on the other side of the island.

After a python was seen chilling along a footpath at Ulu Pandan, ACRES went down to move the reptile to a safer location.

Python chills on Ulu Pandan footpath

On Thursday (22 Sep), a Facebook user shared a video of ACRES officers conducting an operation in Ulu Pandan.

They were getting ready to catch a massive-looking python, which was just lying there by the side of the footpath.

According to the OP, the snake was “huge” — a fact that viewers can clearly see from the clip.

At the beginning of the video, one of the ACRES officers places a large cage near the python.

He then gloves up as he and his partner discuss how to get the job done.

Several curious cyclists and joggers also stopped and got ready to observe the action.

ACRES rescuers grab python

When they’re all set, the male officer used a pair of snake tongs to secure the python’s head while...

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