How to Use Tech to Perform Acts of Kindness

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The need to spread goodwill feels more vital than ever. After coping with a global pandemic for more than two years, followed by the horrific war in Ukraine, we could all use the boost that helping others brings. Whether you donate to assist those halfway across the world or discreetly pay for a cash-strapped shopper’s groceries in a store around the corner, small gestures can impact both the giver and the receiver.

While a study published in Health Psychology suggests that spending money on others reduces your blood pressure, opening your wallet isn’t the only way to engage in acts of kindness. But discovering how to make the best use of your time, resources, and talent to aid others can be challenging. Here are ways to increase your kindness quotient and find organizations that could benefit from your outpouring of support.

Recognize Different Ways to Show Kindness

There’s no one-size-fits-all path to altruism. Brenda Knight, publisher and author of Random Acts of Kindness, divides these acts into Random, Deliberate, and Practical.

  • Random acts—paying for the person behind you in the drive-thru line or putting money in an expired meter before someone gets a ticket—are the gestures we hear about most often. Websites like Random Acts of Kindness and blog posts that include ideas for
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