How to secure cloud environments by simplifying their complexity

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At Cushman & Wakefield, a global real estate services firm, keeping up with the constant change in its cloud environments had started to become untenable. With so much new technology — and the fact that cloud resources are continually in flux — “our security team could not keep pace without something providing overarching monitoring,” said Erik Hart, CISO of Cushman & Wakefield. 

In short, there was just too much complexity.

Last fall, the firm added a new cybersecurity vendor to gain the visibility needed to rein in the complexity in the cloud. The cloud security vendor that Cushman & Wakefield selected was Wiz. In addition to providing broad visibility, Wiz unifies a number of different cloud security capabilities, deploys quickly (thanks to its agentless approach) and enables customers to prioritize threats, according to Raaz Herzberg, head of product at Wiz. 

“The cloud is the best tool that’s been created for engineering teams — and businesses are moving faster than ever as a result,” Herzberg said. “However, it creates an entirely new level of complexity for security teams. Finding tools to simplify this is top of mind for CISOs.”

Standardizing complexity

For Cushman & Wakefield, the firm has now standardized on Wiz, which has enabled the firm to reduce its complexity — and ultimately, improve its protection.

“The more complex we make things, the more opportunities there are for misses,” Hart said. “As we see today, so many breaches are occurring because of configuration issues. The user didn’t know what they did — or did not do. Cloud environments are becoming so feature-rich and a lightning pace it is hard for anyone to keep up.”

Reducing complexity through a unified cl...

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