How to Make Reddit Suck Less on Your Phone

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To summarize: Open the Settings app on your phone, scroll to and open Safari, then tap Safari Extensions. From here you can enable Sink It. Then just use Reddit in your browser the way you normally do; the most annoying prompts will disappear. You’ll also get a bunch of new features, including adaptive dark mode. It’s not a perfect replacement for apps like Apollo, but it’s better than the official Reddit app.

Reddit Apps That Still Work

Android, unfortunately, doesn’t really support browser extensions without a lot of setup. Yes, you could switch to Firefox as your browser, but I struggled to find any extensions for that browser that are specifically made to improve Reddit on mobile.

Reddit’s API is still working for certain third-party clients, mostly those that offer accessibility features. One such client is the completely free RedReader, an Android app that developers have confirmed will continue to be free, thanks to Reddit’s accessibility exception. This app is speedy, open source, doesn’t have ads, doesn’t constantly ask you to enable notifications, and supports multiple themes.

Apple users also have a third-party app that’s still working: Dystopia for Reddit. This application will continue to be free, again thanks to an accessibility exemption. It&r...

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