How much are health screening packages in Singapore? Comparing public and private hospitals and clinics

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Just about every Singaporean knows about the importance of health screenings. After all, catching a serious ailment too late could mean huge medical bills or, worse, death. But how much do you really know about health screenings and how much they cost in Singapore? Here’s the low down.

1. Price list: Health screening packages in Singapore

The cost of health screenings in Singapore can vary quite wildly. And with prices rising in all aspects, here are the current health screening prices compiled, including a mix of public hospitals, private hospitals, and private clinics.

Healthcare provider Health screening packages Cost (as of Sept 8, 2022) Cost (as of April 25, 2023)
Central Clinic Basic Package to Comprehensive $48 – $338 $48 – $338
Raffles Medical Raffles Classic to Raffles Platinum $74.90 – $10,000+ $129.60 – $11,195
Ng Teng Fong Hospital Essential Package to Enhanced A $88 – $185 $101 – $205
Singapore General Hospital Basic to Enhanced Chronic Disease Assessment $363.80 – $749 $367.20 – $756
Mount Alvernia Hospital Prime to  Exclusive $695.50 – $1,444.50 $702 – $1,458
LifeScan Medical Centre Women Wellness/Men Deluxe to Royal Elite $288 – $8,453 $288 – $8,532
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