How local celebrities celebrated Chinese New Year

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SINGAPORE – Local celebrities made full use of the long weekend to usher in the Year of the Rabbit by visiting and feasting with family, friends and colleagues.

Celebrity couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee wished their social media followers a happy new year with a photo of themselves and their seven-year-old son, Zedd, who was decked out in a lion dance costume.

Actress Xiang Yun and her family – which includes former actor husband Edmund Chen, as well as their children Yixin and Yixi – had a marathon weekend of visiting with loved ones, judging by the slideshow of various group photos that she posted on Instagram on Monday.

Singapore-based Malaysian actress Sora Ma combined her Chinese New Year celebrations with a small birthday party as she turned 39 on Sunday. “Happy birthday to us, thank you all for the blessings,” she wrote on Instagram.

Ma had an eventful 2022, having won Best Supporting Actress at the fourth annual Asia Contents Awards in Busan in October for her role in Mediacorp’s period drama, This Land Is Mine (2021).

Also celebrating a birthday recently was veteran actress Tan Kheng Hua, who turned 60 on Jan 17.

“I am 60 and have more fredom and choices than ever before,” she reflected on Instagram in a recent birthday post.

Though she has been busy these days making a name for herself in Hollywood, with a starring role in action-adventure series Kung Fu (2021 to present), she flew back home last week to celebrate both her birthday and Chinese New Year. The actress shared photos of herself dressed in red while feasting and gathering with family and friends.

Some star-studded gatherings also took place over the Chinese New Year holidays. Romeo Tan, one of the so-called “8 Dukes of Caldecott Hill&...

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