How game leaders can change systems to improve employee mental health

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We held an interesting roundtable about mental health at our recent GamesBeat Summit 2022 event. I opened the session but quickly let our experts take over.

The panel of roundtable leaders included Swatee Surve, CEO of Litesprite; Mark Chandler, founder of The International Games Summit on Mental Health Awareness (TIGS); and Raffael “Dr. B” Boccamazzo, clinical director of Take This. Part of the discussion started with a roundtable at the Dice Summit, and it continued with our session.

It was about how the solution for mental health challenges, particularly during the pandemic, has been that companies recommend to their employees that they should care for themselves. But part of the problem about mental health is that employees don’t now how to care for themselves. And that means companies should be more aggressive about providing ways for their employees to get better. Chandler has been advocating that companies should hire a chief wellness officer to look out for the interests of employees, not worry about how much healthcare costs the company.

We talked about this and more during the hour-long session. Chandler created the TIGS conference where people open up about mental health issues in gaming. I’ve played games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Elden Ring with Chandler, and he has been an adviser for GamesBeat Summit events for a while.

Boccamazzo is a psychologist and c...

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