“How do you spend your weekends winding down in Singapore?”

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So how do you spend your weekends in the bustling city of Singapore? Do you enjoy going out? Or are you like those who like to 'just lepak'?

SINGAPORE: Life in bustling Singapore can be fast-paced and demanding, leaving little time for relaxation and leisure. Amid this urban hustle, a Singaporean Redditor recently posed a simple yet profound question: ‘How do you spend your weekends winding down?

On Sunday, a Reddit user posted how she has very little energy to spend her time outdoors after moving into a new place. She said, “Having just moved into our new place, I find myself much less motivated to go to town, or even to the nearest mall. This is despite our place being extremely accessible to the mrt or buses.”

How do you spend your weekends winding down? byu/allquirkpuns insingapore

She shared how she enjoys staying in: “I tend to enjoy the time of being at home, especially Sundays (like today), where I basically did almost nothing. Perhaps the most comfortable and therapeutic thing to do was to explore recipes for meals, and cooking them for my significant other.”

After that, she asked, “How do you spend your weekends? What are some hobbies or skills you picked up?”Concerned about why she didn’t enjoy going out like others, she asked, “Is doing nothing perfectly okay?”

One commenter reassured her, “Doing nothing is perfectly okay. I have my perfect day off today. Spend 6 hours just read random stuffs at library@harbourfront.”

Another commented, “You can also spend 6 hours doing nothing at home.”

The first commenter jokingly replied, “but that requires AC hahaha. come to the library for the AC tbh.”

A parent commented, “As a parent of a 3yo, it’s my dream to just do nothing. Go to the park with no objective. Window shopping without an agenda.”

She then added, “If you ask me it’s necessary to have down time where you do nothing and just lepak (loiter)

Another who shared how she spends her weekends said it’s a good time to stay away from digital gadgets: “La...

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