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Operational bottlenecks and inefficiencies bog down expansion plans, and negatively impact product success, customer experience and sales growth. In this VB Spotlight, learn how digitally native businesses can identify opportunities to scale operations efficiently and accelerate growth.

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Digital disruptors are the businesses that offer a whole new level of ground-breaking service or brand-new products, harnessing the power of important new technologies. They’re the up-and-coming companies that have scored a great deal of funding, and could even be poised to become the next unicorn. What’s keeping them back?

“These digital disruptors can’t reach the next level because of the bottlenecks that come from operational inefficiencies,” says Michael Chittaro, fintech practice head, business process services, at Cognizant. “Many realize that they are not sophisticated in their operations capabilities. They’ve done a good job in establishing scale, but when operations issues start to balloon, they don’t have the capacity to manage those challenges, and more importantly, remove the roadblocks to growth.”

These operational challenges hit companies of every size at some point in their evolution, especially as they reach a stride in their customer growth, says Praveen Raja, head of digital health, business processes services at Cognizant.

 “Assessing your operations, identifying potential bottlenecks and building the necessary capabilities is a critical step to ensure that your company is ready to scale and delight customers.”

Knowing when it’s time to grow

There are four indications that a company is ready to grow. The first is product maturity, or having a viable product that’s ready to enter the market to satisfy a customer base that’s read...