How Deliveroo Singapore is actively managing mental health of its 11,000-strong delivery partners' workforce

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Organisations that come out successful are those that prioritise holistic employee care and wellbeing, GM Jason Parke affirms.

Starting from 30 September this year, Deliveroo Singapore rolled out a month-long series of wellness initiatives, in partnership with the Health Promotion Board (HPB), and including health screening sessions, health coaching and mental well-being talks. These are aimed at empowering its 11,000-strong fleet of riders in Singapore to take charge of their physical and mental health.

On the sidelines of this launch, HRO's Aditi Sharma Kalra catches up with Jason Parke, General Manager, Deliveroo Singapore (pictured above) on why it is important for companies to prioritise mental health and wellbeing in today’s workplace environment. Interview below:

Q How can companies take a holistic approach to promoting mental health in the workplace?

Employee mental health issues were a real challenge for many organisations during the pandemic. Organisations that came out successful were those that prioritised holistic employee care and wellbeing. At Deliveroo, our people are at the heart of all that we do, and we are deeply committed to providing a positive and healthy working environment that supports their wellbeing. Deliveroo recognises the importance of our people’s mental health and wellbeing in a few ways.

Globally within Deliveroo we have an employee-led wellbeing group focused on providing a support network that champions sustainable health and wellness initiatives.

These health and wellness initiatives include free one-to-one counselling sessions via our employee assistance programme (EAP) by professional counsellors. All employees receive free access to Headspace, a leading mindfulness app that allows employees to learn meditation and pick up mindfulness skills. Furthermore in Singapore we partner with ClassPass to provide employees access to a wealth of physical and mental wellness services at a discounted rate.

Deliveroo is also committed to encouraging good mental health amongst our 11,000 delivery partners as they are a fundamental pillar of our business. We recently rolled out a series of wellness initiatives to empower riders to take charge of their physical and mental health in partnership with the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to mark this year’s World Mental Health Day. The campaign kicked off on 30 Septe...

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