How ASUS Business helped a Singapore-based health tech company to modernise its operations

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As the world continues to ride out the impact of the global pandemic, recent months have been a journey of reflection, learning and adapting for many businesses.

An industry that has seen perhaps the most pressing need for change is the healthcare industry. To meet rapidly evolving needs for accurate diagnostics and quality care worldwide, healthcare businesses have had to pivot from legacy processes and technology in favour of the new.

Aiming to lead the charge, Singapore-based health tech company Jebhealth partnered ASUS Business to give its operations a digital shot in the arm.


In an era of hybrid work and greater openness in the workplace, Jebhealth sought to establish itself as a place where employees are happy, productive and able to collaborate effectively with one another and with customers.

According to Mr Jimmy Boey, founder and CEO of Jebhealth, the company set out to create a workplace that balances employee needs with business requirements. This involved re-calibrating company policies and culture, as well as harnessing the power of technology to improve ways of working.

“Both soft and hard elements need to be considered. Employees need to feel comfortable with the devices that they are using without compromising on efficiency,” said Mr Boey, who added that the technology needs of team members vary depending on their roles.

“Our tech team requires sophisticated, high-performance laptops while our commercial team needs something portable and easy to use. Their software requirements are different as well and we need different third-party applications to facilitate workflows,” he shared.

In addition, the company had to balance the cost of investing in tech infrastructure against the need for reliable IT support and cloud-based collaboration. To facilitate its digital transformation, Jebhealth turned to ASUS Business and its range of enterprise solutions.


For small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) such as Jebhealth, working with a trusted technology partner that could ease the hassle of IT deployment and maintenance was critical.

ASUS Business makes this possible through its device-as-a-service (DaaS) model, which is a flexible consumption model that companies can adopt without straining their cash flow.

“Instead of investin...

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