Housing Estate In Indonesia Is Modelled After S’pore, With Its Own Merlion & ERP Gantry

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Medan Housing Estate Modelled After Singapore Has A Merlion & ERP Gantry

There’s a saying that goes, “imitation is the best form of flattery”.

And while that is usually paraded for artworks and the like, never has that saying been more apt than for this housing estate in Medan, Indonesia.

Dubbed the “Singapore of Medan”, CitraLand Gama City (CLGC) is a gated community littered with uncanny Singaporean hallmarks.

ERP gantries, an Orchard Road of their own, a miniature version of the Merlion, and even the metallic statues along Clarke Quay will make you feel like you’re seeing an alternate reality version of our country.

Let’s see how this recreation of our little red dot fares in a likeness competition.

Indonesia housing estate has an ERP gantry & its own Orchard Road

Although much of the housing estate is still in construction, they’ve wasted no time erecting some of Singapore’s hallmarks.

For starters, they’ve built this realistic ERP gantry, swapping the three letters for an acronym of the development, CLGC.

Source: CitraLand Bagya City Property on Facebook

The development will take up 211.57 hectares of land, a huge portion of which will house a shopping district.

Borrowing the name of Singapore’s shopping heaven, this housing estate will have its own Orchard Road, complete with a similar road sign.

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