Hot Bods: Exercise addict runs almost daily and plays racket sports regularly

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SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods - doctor Samantha Tay, 32, and retail and education manager Christopher Lum, 34.

Samantha Tay, 32


Height: 1.55m

Weight: 40kg

Exercise regimen:

I'm an exercise addict. I run almost daily and follow up with core exercises. I practise yoga regularly, attend boxing classes and play racket sports such as tennis and badminton. I love being in the sun and water and swim once or twice a week.

I believe in holistic wellness and, as a practising aesthetic medicine doctor, I believe that a healthy lifestyle, in conjunction with treatments and products, can help us look and feel good - inside and out.


I believe a balanced diet is important to complement my workouts. Different diets suit different individuals. For me, I have found myself leaning towards the keto diet in terms of efficacy and preference.

I consume a high-protein diet with minimal carbohydrates and enjoy having lots of fruit. I am not a fan of processed food and prefer to avoid refined and added sugars.

Christopher Lum, 34

Retail and education manager

Height: 1.70m

Weight: 63kg

Exercise regimen:

I enjoy training at the gym five times

a week. Apart from weights training, I do short runs bi-weekly to maintain my stamina and sweat it off after

a long day of work. I think fitness has to be something you enjoy doing and it should be part of you and your lifestyle.

It should not be draining, a chore or a competition.


I don't follow any food or nutrition plan. I eat whatever I want and love. I try to cut down on food which contains sugar.

I believe in working hard to enjoy food. Don't compromise anything for your happiness. Just remember to work harder on your fitness. You get the best of both worlds if you enjoy training and, at the same time, not limit the food you love.

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