Hong Kong Chef Brings Authentic Soy Sauce Chicken Rice to Golden Mile Food Centre

10 months ago 65

A new hawker stall specializing in Hong Kong-style Soy Sauce Chicken has emerged in Golden Mile Food Centre.

Chef Rocky, a talented chef from Hong Kong, previously owned Xin Le Wang Cantonese restaurant but had to close it due to the pandemic. However, with things looking up, Chef Rocky decided to make a comeback and opened a stall in Golden Mile Food Centre offering a simple yet authentic plate of Soy Sauce Chicken Rice.

The tender chicken pieces are bathed in a slightly viscous soy sauce, delivering a burst of delicious juices with every bite. Opting for half a chicken ($16) gives you a variety of different parts so I’ll highly recommend that you do that! The sauce was not overpoweringly salty, and paired flawlessly with the fluffy pearl rice. But let me tell you, the real magic happened when I dipped the succulent chicken into their house-made ginger scallion oil—pure bliss! Each plate of soy sauce chicken rice costs $4.50.

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