Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue had a panic attack on a flight to New York

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NEW YORK - Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue had a panic attack when he flew to the United States recently.

In a video on his YouTube channel Inside Out Season 2, the Taiwan-based actor, who had not taken a long-distance flight for some time, said he flew to France first.

Yue, 40, said he wanted to get off the plane as soon it took off.

"I unfastened the seat belt and rushed to the flight attendant," he said. "I said: 'I can't take it. I am dying.'"

The flight attendant told Yue that the plane had just taken off, but he told her that he was scared and wanted to go back.

The flight attendant then looked for a doctor, who prescribed some medication which calmed the actor down.

"Then I felt panicky again," Yue said when he reached New York. "I thought: 'No way.' There was nothing I could do after taking my meds."

He hung in there and felt better after half an hour.

Yue is married to Taiwanese actress Sarah Wang, 33, and they have two children. He is known for acting in movies such as the Infernal Affairs trilogy (2002 to 2003), Love In A Puff trilogy (2010 to 2017) and Mad World (2016).

The first season of Inside Out explored Yue's interior world, while the second season ventures to the US.

Yue will be taking viewers along on his trip with his friends, which will include watching a National Basketball Association game in-person.

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