Honeypeachsg Bakery: IG-Worthy Customised Birthday Cakes, With Free Delivery Promos Too

1 week ago 24

Affordable customised birthday cakes and more

Now that the restrictions on group gatherings are relaxed, it’s time to party with a vengeance! But responsibly, of course. For those who are planning to finally celebrate their birthdays in full glam mode, Honeypeachsg Bakery offers affordable customised birthday cakes with free delivery islandwide to boot. 

If you’re looking for pretty and whimsical cakes on a budget, Honeypeachsg Bakery has a selection of cakes on promo every month. The featured bakes are refreshed on a monthly basis so birthday ICs in the office or at home can make full use of the discounts to present IG-worthy cakes at every celebration. 

You can save up to $31 on each cake, with an additional perk of having it delivered to the ...

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