Home Treasure Salted Duck – Hokkien Salted Duck on Yishun Ring Road

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Opened by housewife-turned-hawker Mdm Sylvia Chew, Home Treasure Salted Duck is located in a coffee shop on Yishun Ring Road. Mdm Chew started out cooking her Signature Salted Duck for her friends and family, before they encouraged her to open her own stall.

The Signature Salted Duck Rice ($4.60) is topped with crispy garlic bits. Contrasted with the chewiness of the yellow-hued duck skin, the meat gave varying textures in each mouthful. The salted duck is marinated in Mdm Chew’s special blend of salt and spices for 3 days, before it is cooked. That said, with the salt drawing some moisture out of the duck, it was slightly drier compared to the typical roasted or braised ducks. The option to dip the duck into their chilli padi, lime and garlic sauce mixture is always available though!

The rice dishes also come with a side of soup to complete the meal.

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