HK Actor Lee Lung Kei Gifts 36-Year-Old Girlfriend 7 Properties, Wants To Help Secure Her Future

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Actor Lee Lung Kei Transfers Girlfriend All 7 Of His Properties

In a startling decision, former TVB actor Lee Lung Kei has transferred seven properties to his long-time girlfriend, Chris Wong.

The celebrity had done so to secure her future.

He revealed the news during an interview with local media and added that he had also started discussing the possibility of tying the knot with Wong.

Lee Lung Kei transfers 7 properties to girlfriend

According to Hype Malaysia, news of the 72-year-old celebrity planning to tie the knot with his 36-year-old girlfriend first broke earlier this year.

Despite the significant age difference, they have had a steadfast relationship for the last four years.

To cement their deepening relationship, Lee decided to transfer seven properties to Wong, filing them under her name.

In an interview with local media, he shared that it was to secure her future, nownews reports.

Girlfriend’s impressive qualifications include EMBA

It’s pretty easy to see why Wong has captured Lee’s heart despite the years between them.

Besides having an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) from Beihang University and a flourishing art career, Wong is an aircraft engineer.

She is also capable of flying a small aircraft, and her expertise in this field impressed Lee, who said this was an interest he had in common with her, China Press reports.

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