Hi-Chew Green Apple Selling For Up To S$500 On Carousell After Manufacturer Announces Discontinuation

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Hi-Chew Green Apple Deemed ‘Limited Edition’ In Carousell Listings

When news broke that Hi-Chew will be retiring its Green Apple gummies, confectionary lovers worldwide let out a collective sigh.

Hi-Chew Retires Green Apple Flavour, Manufacturer Claims They Are Less Popular Now

At the same time, news of the discontinuation gave some opportunistic individuals inspiration to hopefully make a quick buck.

Since Thursday (4 Aug), some Carousell users in Singapore have listed Green Apple flavoured Hi-Chew candies at marked-up prices.

Describing their candy as “limited edition”, one user even listed theirs for a whopping S$500– nearly 125 times the retail price.

Carousell users list Hi-Chew Green Apple at marked-up price

As news broke earlier this week about the discontinuation of the 12-piece Green Apple Hi-Chew candy, at least six Carousell users have listed the product for sale, jumping on the ‘limited edition’ bandwagon.

One user attached a S$500 price tag to his listing but elaborated that he’s selling 10 pieces for S$450, which still comes to about S$45 per packet.

Other users were less ambitious, with the next most expensive listing going for S$120.50. The user shared that they decided to sell their “secret stash” based on their guess that Hi-Chew’s supply would unlikely be able to meet the market’s de...

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