Helpful customer support and reasonable costs: Relocation expert makes your move Down Under easy

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Mr Fan Hao Rui jumped at a job assignment in Australia for a "more chill and quiet environment" for his family but first he had to overcome numerous challenges of the big move from Singapore.

"The amount of preparation, planning and paperwork ... It can get overwhelming and stressful," says the software developer. 

Mr Fan wished he had engaged the help of a professional relocation company sooner, especially for the family's pet pooch.

"I did not expect a long waiting time before my pet could join me due to the long wait required for Australia's quarantine space," Mr Fan says. 

He chose relocation company Moovaz as it was the most responsive, had the shortest turnaround time and the most competitive pricing for the move to Melbourne in September.

"I chose Moovaz because I found their services convenient to my needs, as well as having a customer service personnel to help me with my questions when I needed it," says the 35-year-old.

The customer service personnel are part of Moovaz's ReloBuddy team of frontliners who help clients like Mr Fan make their move overseas less stressful.

"Our ReloBuddies help to guide and advise on the cumbersome process using a needs-based approach," according to Moovaz's founder and chief executive Vishnu Vasudeven.

The team is trained to be customer-centric.

"There were times we would actually advise clients not to ship the items and find alternatives for them to save on costs, even if it means they are not taking up our services," Mr Vasudeven adds.

The latter was true in the case of Mr Fan's family dog as Moovaz itself does not provide services for pet relocation. The ReloBuddy team instead referred Mr Fan to another company.

"They even gave me information and spent a lot of time guiding me through what to expect for my pet's move when it wasn't their core service," Mr Fan says.

Easier, cheaper move to Australia

Professional relocation advice is valuable for people moving to Australia as the country has some of the world's strictest customs regulations to protect its ecosystem and biosecurity.

"Food, plants and animal materials, in particular, are highly-controlled," says Mr Vasudeven. 

Other items you would not even anticipate are also restricted, such as novelty erasers that resemble food in scent or appearance, and all wooden, bamboo and related objects must be cleared, according to the relocation expert. 

It is increasingly common for people...

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