Heavy Traffic From JB To S’pore As Travellers Return, Journey Takes Up To 4 Hours

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Heavy Traffic Reported From JB To Singapore As Travellers Return After CNY Break

As the Chinese New Year long weekend is ending soon, many who travelled across the border to visit family and friends are now returning to Singapore.

On Tuesday (24 Jan), cars were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic at the Johor Bahru (JB) and Tuas Checkpoints as early as 9am.

According to 8world News, the journey from JB to Singapore took between two and four hours.

Travel duration of up to 4 hours

On the third day of Chinese New Year (24 Jan), long lines of cars were seen returning from JB to Singapore.

Checkpoint.sg showed that at about 8.29am, there was already a jam at JB’s Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) Expressway, which connects to the Johor–Singapore Causeway.

It was estimated that the time taken to travel to Singapore would be between 130 and 240 minutes.

At that time, traffic at the Woodlands Causeway still seemed clear, but there was already heavy traffic at Tuas Second Link.

8world News reported that at 8.53am, the estimated time taken to travel to Singapore via the Tuas Second Link was between 70 and 105 minutes.

Slightly before 9am, the roads toward the JB Checkpoint and before the Woodlands Checkpoint were all congested.

At 9.50am, the estimated time taken to travel from JB to Singapore was between 105 and 205 minutes.

However, in the opposite direction, there was...

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