Healing the Divide's Iris Koh given permission to leave Singapore for cancer treatment

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SINGAPORE: The founder of Healing the Divide, a group with a known stance against vaccination, was on Thursday (Jun 23) given permission by a court to leave Singapore for cancer treatment in Malaysia.

Iris Koh Shu Cii, 46, has been allowed to travel to Melaka from Jun 24 to Jul 17 to undergo a consultation at Makhota Medical Centre for alternative treatment for thyroid cancer.

The court imposed additional leave jurisdiction conditions on Koh. She must put up an additional S$30,000 in bail, on top of her current S$20,000 bail. Upon her return, she must also provide supporting documents on the cancer treatment she received to the investigation officer handling her case.

Other usual leave jurisdiction conditions also apply, requiring Koh to provide her complete travel itinerary and details of her overseas address and contact number before departure. She must also remain contactable by the investigation officer.

Koh faces two charges. One is for conspiring with a doctor, Jipson Quah, to defraud the Ministry of Health (MOH) into believing people were vaccinated with the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine between July 2021 and January this year.

The other is for obstructing a police inspector by refusing to sign and tearing up a copy of her statement while in lock-up in January.

Koh had applied for permission to leave jurisdiction last week, and the matter was adjourned to Thursday for her to provide more information requested by the prosecution.

Koh's lawyer, Wee Pan Lee, previously told the court she had intended to travel from Jun 19 to Jul 22 to undergo a consultation at Makhota Medical Centre in Melaka and receive treatment at Aenon Health Care in Negeri Sembilan.

On Thursday, he updated the court that she would be travelling only to Melaka, and would return on the eve of her next court mention on Jul 18.

"The purpose of this travel is to seek a consultation for a second opinion wi...

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