Harry Styles helps fan propose at ‘Love On Tour’ concert in Singapore

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SINGAPORE - It was a memorable Friday night for fans as they gathered at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for Harry Styles’ concert.

But it was more momentous for one lucky couple, when the British pop sensation played Cupid and helped a fan propose to his girlfriend.

Social media videos posted late on Friday night and early Saturday morning showed the 29-year-old singer asking a fan for his name during the concert. The fan revealed his name was Kenneth.

“Who are you here tonight with, Kenneth?” said Harry.

“Kimmy,” replied Kenneth.

“Kenneth asked for some help for something, so (can I get) some romantic music, please?” the 29-year-old singer was heard saying in the videos.

“After you, Kenneth,” said Styles.

The fan then proposed to his girlfriend.

“She said yes!” exclaimed Styles, as the crowd cheered. “Kenneth and Kimmy, everybody!”

The singer, who lifted his hands and walked around the stage, said: “What do we do now? What am I supposed to do now? You’ve stolen my thunder. Congratulations.”

He then congratulated the couple - who had been dating for two years - and wished them both “a life of happiness”.

This is not the first time Styles has helped a fan propose to a loved one during one of his concerts. He did something similar at a show in the Philippines earlier this month.

The concert in Singapore was part of Styles’ Love On Tour global jaunt, which includes other Asian cities such as Manila, Bangkok and Tokyo.

He had also entertained a crowd of 6,000 at the SIS in 2018 and attracted 5,000 to The Star Theatre in 2017.

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