Harry Styles Fans Listening To Concert Outside National Stadium Get Free Tickets From Strangers

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Harry Styles Fans Get Free Tickets While Listening To Concert Outside National Stadium

British popstar Harry Styles finally made his way to our shores yesterday (17 Mar) for the second stop of the Asia leg of his ‘Love On Tour’.

While the singer’s concert was a highly anticipated one, not everyone managed or had the means to get tickets to the show.

For two Harry Styles fans who initially camped outside the National Stadium, fate smiled upon them when they received two free tickets from complete strangers.

As a result, they were able to get much more up close and personal with their idol, and even got to buy official merchandise.

Harry Styles fans sat outside National Stadium as they didn’t have tickets

TikTok user Emmarae shared her surreal experience yesterday (17 Mar) in a video.

@emmuhraeee we were eating tteokbokki and listening to satellite and then i flipped out #hslot #harrystylessingapore ♬ Satellite – Harry Styles

According to the caption, she and her friend Yu An were eating tteokbokki or Korean spicy rice cakes on the floo...

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