Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast: Nearby Counterpart Of Sentosa’s Luxury Resort With Rooms At 1/3 The Price

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Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

Looking at the prices of air tickets online these days might automatically bring tears to your eyes, especially if you’re a typical budget-conscious Singaporean. And with every wanderlust-starved Singaporean chomping at the bit to fly overseas, economical holiday options can seem scarce. 

And as one of the said budget-conscious Singaporeans, I paid Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast in Johor a visit. With its many music-related facilities, the hotel is worth checking out when you’re planning your next getaway to Desaru, just a 90-minute boat ride away.

Rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

One of the main things that attracts visitors to any hotel is the rooms. And with 7 different types of rooms to accommodate your budget and liking, Hard Rock has lots to offer singles, couples, and families coming to Desaru for a quick getaway...

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