HaHaHotpot: Muslim-friendly Hotpot Delivery From Only $20 Per Person

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HaHaHotpot Muslim-friendly hotpot delivery

Image credit: @sghalalfood

Hotpot delivery has risen in popularity in recent years, with many restaurants offering packages that even include the rental of the stove itself. HaHaHotpot is one such eatery, claiming to be Singapore’s first Muslim-owned hotpot delivery service with 100% halal-certified ingredients, bringing Muslim-friendly steamboat straight to your doorstep.

Image credit: @hahahotpotsg

With delivery packages designed for two to eight people, HaHaHotpot offers you a restaurant-like hotpot experience without the fuss. Not only will their staff set up the meal on your behalf, they’ll also dispose of your rubbish after you’re done eating.

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