Guide To Trekking Mount Rinjani In Lombok, With Tips From Experienced Hikers

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Mount Rinjani trekking guide

All the cliches you’ve heard about climbing mountains are true. Metaphorically, conquering a mountain feels like overcoming an obstacle in life. Whether it’s to test your athletic abilities or to escape urban life and admire nature’s beauty, there are many reasons to enjoy a mountain trek.

As the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, standing at 3,726m in height, trekking through Mount Rinjani is no easy feat. The terrain is steep for about a third of the journey while the ground is mostly loose rubble. Not only does hiking Rinjani require a good level of fitness, but you also need the mental strength to persevere through the challenge.

Here’s our guide on how to conquer the mountain:

Hiking Mount Rinjani

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