Guide To Mount Everest Base Camp Trek In Nepal – Itinerary, Cost & What To Prepare

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Mount Everest Base Camp trek guide

Here’s a fact we all know – Mount Everest’s peak is the highest point on Earth measuring an impressive 8,848m. There have been numerous documentaries and movies made about the men and women who’ve braved the harsh conditions of The Himalayas to make the climb – all because of the unique experience which can’t be found anywhere else.

We don’t have to be that ambitious just yet; you can still get a taste of the tallest mountain in the world, surrounded by panoramic views of the snow-capped range if you make the trek up to Mount Everest Base Camp. Here’s all you need to know to get you prepped for the once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Who is the Mount Everest Base Camp trek suitable for?

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