Guide To Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark – Including Hotels Nearby & How To Get There From SG

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Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark in Malaysia, Kota Tinggi

Zipping across the Malaysia border makes for solid day trips. But if you’re planning a proper getaway for long weekends or the holiday season, consider venturing further than the list of things to do near the JB Causeway.

Located a 1.5-hour bus ride away from JB Sentral is Desaru Coast. And one of the must-do activities in Desaru? Hitting up the Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark. Here are all the thrills and spills you can look forward to:

Rides & attractions, from kid-friendly to high-thrill

Located along the quiet east coast of Malaysia, the park spans 100,000sqm – roughly the size of the Singapore Expo – and houses over 20 attractions. From relaxing river-rides like the Penawar River to exhilarating water slides like The Tempest, you’ll be free to determine the thrill level of your little adventure.

1. Kraken’s Revenge – Roller coaster with a splash

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