Guan Seng Carrot Cake: Nice Hawkers Finish First!

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When DBS PayLah! announced that they were going to introduce the Gula Melaka Award for the hawker with the sweetest personality this year, I couldn’t help but wonder who would be nominated.

Over the many years of blogging, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several hundred hawkers. While most of them are pleasant, those with truly sweet personalities are a rare find. One that immediately comes to mind is the lady at Soon Heng Hot and Cold Desserts, who has recently relocated to Margaret Drive Food Centre. However, beyond her, there aren’t many that stand out.

Thanks to the DBS Hawker Awards, we had the chance to discover this charming couple from Guan Seng Carrot Cake, who could easily serve as ambassadors for the next Singapore Courtesy campaign!

Happy Customers, Happy Life

The friendly couple: Mr Ng and his wife Ah Xiang

It’s quite refreshing to meet a couple who find so much joy in their work. To confirm that their kindness isn’t just for our benefit because we’re filming them, we interviewed a few of their regular customers at the stall, and they also attest to their cheerful demeanor, even when the queue is long.

According to Mr. Ng Kim Guan, aged 64, treating customers well is one of the pillars of a successful business. Of course, the food has to be excellent, but if you want to win a customer for life, providing service with a smile is essential.

According to the husband-and-wife team, who have been running the business for 35 years. They make a conscious effort never to get angry at customers. It’s not only detrimental to their own mental health but also doesn’t solve anything. They’ve encountered difficult customers who frustrate them, but they’ve found other ways of dealing with them without hav...

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