Green Hemp Farms valued at $10 mil for its Real Estate & Equipment in Colorado and Kentucky

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Green Hemp Farm when operating was valued at $30 mil last year and now the price dropped to $10 mil for Real Estate / Equipment in Colorado and Kentucky.

Vertically Integrated, Green Hemp Farms in CO and KY valued at $10 mil”

— Garry Dhaliwal, MD

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, UNITED STATES, September 11, 2021 / -- Green Farming Inc (Green Hemp Farms), established in 2018, is a vertically integrated industrial hemp company with operations in CO and KY. From seed to sale, the company handled it all. The company has 300L CO2 CBD extraction/ distillation equipment in 8600 Sq. ft. industrial building in Delta, Colorado; Alcohol Extraction/ distillation equipment along with Indoor Hemp Clones in 14,000 Sq. ft facility in Louisville, Kentucky. Besides growing Hemp Clones at Louisville facility, Green Hemp Farms had been cultivating Hemp on 80 acres (out of 300 Acres) in Gravel Switch, Kentucky in 2019 and 2020. The company planned Indoor Hemp and Greenhouse facility along with packaging of own branded CBD Products (CBDboost) at 62,000 sq. ft La Junta, CO facility. Some of the equipment purchased in 2020 is still in Boxes at Delta Facility.

Green Hemp Farms had been looking for an established manufacturer and distributor based in the United States last year that would mutually benefit from incorporating high-quality CBD isolate / distillate into their product line. It was not successful. Then over and above, due to oversupply of Hemp and COVID, the price of Hemp and CBD slumped. Green Farming Inc. closed their Delta, CO facility in June 2020 and planned not to cultivate Hemp in 2021; Currently none of the facilities are operating.

Last year, the company was looking to sell all the four facilities along with equipment as Turnkey Business at 50% discount for $16 mil. Recently, Broker checked that buyer can get $10 mil loan on real estate and equipment. Green Hemp Farms has dropped the price to $10 million dollars plus $3 mil for Inventory in the form of CBD oil, Dry Hemp, CBD infused Products for immediate cash out. Anybody that has capability of running such integrated business can take over the whole enterprise by bo...

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