Gradiant acquires Synauta to advance digital twins

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Gradiant, a Boston-based water solutions provider, has acquired Synauta to accelerate the use of digital twins in the water treatment industry. The acquisitions will combine Gradiant’s expertise in digitizing and optimizing water treatment with Synauta’s practical machine learning expertise for the water industry. 

Gradiant spun out of MIT as an end-to-end water solution provider to improve the design, operations and asset optimization for industrial water treatment. Throughout the last decade, it has raised more than $200 million, scaled to around 400 employees and has built dozens of water treatment plants worldwide. 

Throughout the last couple of years, Gradiant integrated this experience into a digital twin platform that keeps all water treatment procurement, safety and maintenance data in one place to help enterprises build more efficient water treatment systems. For example, motion and IR sensors analyze equipment data to optimize maintenance, allowing teams to schedule maintenance when required rather than on a set schedule. This increases the time between service and prolongs the life of the equipment.

Focus on industry

The company focuses on high-end water treatment for enterprise customers and desalination plants. The global water industry spends about $1.5 trillion per year and enterprise water treatment accounts for about 45% of that. This includes applications such as providing ultra-clear water on one end and then treating it for reuse or disposal on the other. The tech is used by enterprises involved in semiconductor chip manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food and b...

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