Google Cloud and CSA: 2024 will bring significant generative AI adoption in cybersecurity, driven by C-suite

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The “department of no” stereotype in cybersecurity would have security teams and CISOs locking the door against generative AI tools in their workflows. 

Yes, there are dangers to the technology, but in fact, many security practitioners have already tinkered with AI and the majority of them don’t think it’s coming for their jobs — in fact, they’re aware of how useful the technology can be. 

Ultimately, more than half of organizations will implement gen AI security tools by year’s end, according to a new State of AI and Security Survey Report from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and Google Cloud.

“When we hear about AI, it’s the assumption that everyone is scared,” said Caleb Sima, chair of the CSA AI security alliance. “Every CISO is saying no to AI, it’s a huge security risk, it’s a huge problem.”

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