Goldhill Hakka Restaurant Has Legit Handmade Hakka Ampang Yong Tau Foo

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Goldhill Hakka Restaurant in Eunos has Hakka Ampang yong tau foo

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If you are a keen fan of Hakka food, look no further than Goldhill Hakka Restaurant, which specialises in Hakka yong tau foo. Tucked away along Changi Road, this humble restaurant has been in operation since 1997, making them 25 years old this year. 

They pride themselves on serving the freshest handmade ingredients to their customers and are well-loved for the nostalgic flavours of their food. It is no surprise that its heritage has charmed patrons for decades, both young and old.

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Goldhill Hakka Restaurant offers a wide assortment of ingredients such as tofu, fishball, stuffed chilli and more. Their prices are surprisingly affordable, starting at

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