Golden Nur Review: Crispy Chicken Briyani By Family-Run Business In Telok Ayer

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Golden Nur briyani at Market Street

Hawker stalls that are solely managed within the family are increasingly few in this day and age. But for Ms Nur Syahiirah and her relatives, the Golden Nur family business has been their bread and butter for the last 40 years, ever since they first opened at the now-defunct Golden Shoe Hawker Centre.

Currently located at the Market Street Interim Hawker Centre, Golden Nur occupies a row of three stalls. The mainstay nasi briyani unit is flanked by one selling nasi campur to its left, and another for mee soto and mee rebus to its right. Ms Syahiirah and her mother focus their attention mainly on Golden Nur, while her aunts and uncles take charge of the neighbouring stalls. Despite this, everyone chips in to help whenever it gets busy.

Food at Golden Nur

The menu at Golden Nur caters to three different mealtimes: breakfast, lunch, and tea. We visited around 10am to get first dibs on the food, as we heard that they sell out early.

We started our brunch with their Roti Prata ($1) and Egg Prata ($1.5...

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