Getting From Singapore To Desaru In 2023 Guide – We Compare The Costs Of 5 Modes Of Transport

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How to get from Singapore to Desaru 

It’s not that difficult for us Singaporeans to tackle wanderlust whenever it strikes. Look around and you’ll find a myriad of destinations you can enjoy a short getaway to. Ferries, short-haul flights, and buses will take us anywhere from JB to Bali in a jiffy.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ll probably know of Desaru, which has been the talk of the town recently thanks to a new direct ferry service from Singapore. Since there are plenty of things to do in Desaru, deciding whether or not you should visit is a no-brainer. The real question is: how do we get there? Is the ferry really the best option?

We explore the alternatives based on cost and travel time below:

– Direct from Singapore –

Private MPV hire from Singapore – S$160 for a 6-seater car, one-way

For large groups, hiring a private car transfer from Singapore is an easy and cost-effective way to get to the pristine beaches of Desaru. It’s a zero-stress and zero-fuss affair – all you need to do is pack your bags, passports, and swimwear and wait for your vehicle to arrive. 

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