Get Unlimited A5 Wagyu Buffet For $79.80+ At This Japanese Restaurant

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Yuiitsu has $79.80+ A5 Wagyu buffet at Serangoon

Image credit: Javier Lim

If you’re a beef lover, be sure to check out Yuiitsu, a Japanese restaurant in Serangoon that offers a $79.80+ per person buffet with unlimited A5 Wagyu Beef!

Titled the Premium Buffet, you can have your fill of Takasaki Wagyu Beef, which is flown in every month for optimum freshness. In terms of taste and texture, the beef is said to be buttery, tender, and melt-in-your-mouth.

Image credit: Javier Lim

If the Premium Buffet is too expensive for you, then you can consider the Deluxe Buffet, which will set you back $59.80+ per pax. This option includes everything on the menu except for the Takasaki Wagyu Beef. However, if beef is not up your alley, you can try the Standard Buffet at $39.80+ per pax, which serves various cuts of marinated chicken and pork slices.

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